Salaries of highest-paid manufacturing executives

Ranked by total compensation in fiscal 2018 for public manufacturers headquartered in Eastern Mass.

NameTotal compensationSalaryBonusNon-equity incentive plan compensationOption awardsStock awardsOther annual compensation
1Thomas A. Kennedy, chairman & CEO Raytheon Co., Waltham$22,420,258$1,511,559$4,336,000$10,714,893$5,322,070 (a)
2Marc N. Casper, president & CEO Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Waltham$18,607,103$1,482,740$4,670,630$3,893,298$8,005,840
3Larry Culp (b), chairman & CEO General Electric Co., Boston$15,398,827$625,000$937,500$13,740,000 (c)$86,662 (d)
4Vincent Roche, president & CEO Analog Devices, Norwood$11,007,691$984,615$2,682,173$2,305,013$4,949,953
5Taylor W. Lawrence, president, Missile Systems
Raytheon Co., Waltham
$9,344,778$782,954$889,400$2,648,314$4,924,902 (a)
6Liam K. Griffin, president & CEO Skyworks Solutions Inc., Woburn$9,342,113$894,808$1,284,664$7,150,399
7Mark P. Stevenson, EVP & COO Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Waltham$8,426,577$1,005,025$1,741,205$1,764,115$3,665,832
8David Joyce, Vice chair & CEO, Aviation General Electric Co., Boston$7,522,731$1,550,000$2,415,000$3,382,585 (c)
9Jamie Miller, SVP & CFO General Electric Co., Boston$7,401,678$1,450,000$1,160,000$4,334,060 (c)
10Kieran Murphy, SVP & CEO, Healthcare General Electric Co., Boston$7,290,165$1,135,814$1,703,721$1,670,000$2,608,677 (c)$118,580 (d)
11Mark E. Jagiela, CEO Teradyne Inc., North Reading$7,172,691$904,720$325,588$1,512,692$420,802$3,944,978
12Sean D. Keohane, president & CEO Cabot Corp., Boston$6,775,442$937,500$1,567,500$1,399,898$2,599,951
13Anthony F. O'Brien, VP & CFO Raytheon Co., Waltham$6,106,509$780,178$1,114,700$3,159,148$946,684 (a)
14Robert J. Pagano Jr., president & CEO
Watts Water Technologies Inc., North Andover
15David C. Wajsgras, president, Intelligence Information and Services
Raytheon Co., Waltham
$5,486,189$977,101$19,542$1,512,300$2,648,314$158,860 (a)
16Scott Buckhout, president & CEO Circor International Inc., Burlington$4,492,659$732,885$878,152$1,450,000$1,416,261
17Frank H. Laukien, chairman, president & CEO Bruker Corp., Billerica$4,479,899$730,675$1,047,035$612,663$2,081,276


Source: Proxy statements filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

(a) Change in pension value and non-qualified deferred compensation earnings
(b) Succeeded John L. Flannery on Oct. 1, 2018; compensation reflects a three-month period.
(c) Performance share units and restricted stock units
(d) Pension and deferred compensation

Compiled by: Stephanie R. Meagher,