At Quinsigamond Community College, our students have found a smarter way to obtain a customized, quality, affordable education. From the moment they begin their academic careers, our students are taught by faculty who have extensive industry experience, offering them an academic and technical foundation that is more aligned with the needs of today’s workforce.

Our students are able to train on cutting edge, state-of-the art equipment in our Quinsigamond Engineering, Science and Technology Center (QuEST). The QuEST Center offers the same equipment and technology that businesses use in their workplace, making students workforce ready when they graduate. The QuEST Center also features a Fab Lab, an MIT-developed collaborative workspace, which offers a networked maker space and is the only one in the Commonwealth to be located at a community college! It offers our students the ability to fabricate their future by making real-world applications, using the newest technologies. Students are able to participate in video conferences with other Fab Labs through a worldwide network, sharing ideas and receiving technical assistance on projects with any Fab Lab participant in the world.

James Heffernan, professor of Electronics Engineering Technology/Coordinator of the Electronics Engineering Technology Programs with one of his classes.

At the heart of QCC’s manufacturing programs is our curriculum, developed with the needs of today’s manufacturers in mind. Our education programs are designed with input and guidance from leaders at the region’s manufacturing companies to ensure that our programs are customized and relevant for today’s industries. We have a strong relationship with these manufacturers, and who better to know what a manufacturer needs than a manufacturer! Companies can be assured that QCC students graduate more well-rounded and are able to easily and seamlessly enter the workforce ahead of their peers, or transition into an advanced degree program at some of the most prestigious four-year colleges and universities. Our students are already ahead of the game with an educational background that is extremely versatile, giving them a strong foothold in a multitude of positions and enabling them to easily advance in their careers.

At QCC, we recognize that workplace needs often change and companies may need their employees to acquire new skills in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Our Center for Workforce Development and Continuing Education offers high quality, customized training and educational programs that enable employees to learn new skills, which can immediately be applied on the job, or for future professional development. For many years local and regional companies have benefited from the regular training they’ve developed in partnership with QCC.

QCC student Ana De la Torre works on embroidering a reusable bag at QCC’s Fab Lab.

Today QCC offers a diversified array of over 120 associate degree and career certificate programs at seven convenient locations in Blackstone Valley, Marlborough, Southbridge and Worcester. From technologically-advanced programs such as Applied Manufacturing, Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics, Photonics, CNC Technology, Electronics Technology, to timely and relevant Computer Systems Engineering technology programs in Cyber Security and Forensics, QCC stays on the forefront of industry demands.

Businesses that are looking for high caliber, highly-trained employees know it’s smarter to look no further than QCC. Whether you’re a student or a business, QCC is College. Made Smarter. To learn more visit Quinsigamond Community College at

Betty Lauer

Dean, School of Business,
Engineering & Technology