How many times have you heard someone talk about the “next great idea?”

Everyone has an opinion on where that great idea will come from, but in fact no one can predict for certain. At Goodwin College, experience has taught us that the best we can do as educators is to set the stage with the knowledge of dedicated teachers, the best resources we can assemble, and learning spaces that excite and inspire, then empower our students to do what they do best — imagine.

The future of our workforce and, in fact, the success of our local and national economies, depend on the freedom of today and tomorrow’s makers to ask the ultimate, critical question: What if?

In February of 2019, state officials, employers and educators gathered at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford to pledge to work together on initiatives that support manufacturing education. I personally am delighted to see Connecticut’s entrepreneurial spirit bringing together a wide range of leaders to ensure that well-prepared individuals will be ready to take their places in manufacturing, whether entry-level graduates or seasoned employees who have gone through new training to update their skills. At Goodwin, we have launched our new ECAMP™ program to serve school districts through creative educational solutions that make previously unavailable training a reality in a brand-new facility dedicated to early college programs for high school students.

I hope the information you find in STUFF Made in Connecticut inspires you to learn more about the endless career options waiting for you in manufacturing. Are you the one who will come up with the “next great idea?” If so, get ready to join us in imagining!

Mark Scheinberg

President, Goodwin College