Massachusetts Needs Workers

Massachusetts remains a global center of advanced manufacturing. Finding the skilled employees to keep it that way remains the predominant challenge facing the Massachusetts manufacturing economy.

Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), the statewide business association, surveyed thousands of employers for its Blueprint for the Next Century economic plan and found that attracting qualified employees remains the most pressing issue facing those who make things in the commonwealth.

That’s why the 3,750 member companies of AIM are pleased to be part of Cool Stuff Made in Massachusetts, an initiative of the Worcester Business Journal and BusinessWest to let young and talented people know that manufacturing has a bright future in Massachusetts. The companies represented in these pages offer the promise of job satisfaction and financial prosperity to those who have the intelligence and drive to create everything from jet engines to radar components to robotic medical devices.

AIM believes that business can be a positive force for change in creating a better, more prosperous world. We strive to bring together the best people, the best insights and the best resources to ensure that Massachusetts businesses are able to grow and prosper.

We stand for jobs, economic opportunity, fiscal predictability, innovation and a government that acknowledges that the private sector has the unique responsibility to create the common wealth for the people of Massachusetts.

Richard C. Lord

President and CEO,
Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM)