Manufacturing in Massachusetts and Creating the Talent for Tomorrow!

anufacturing has always been an important part of our country’s economic landscape and Massachusetts has a growing manufacturing economy across the Commonwealth. Part of that growth is driven by the support from the Commonwealth’s programs such as the Massachusetts Workforce Training grant program, which has provided almost $10 million in training dollars to Massachusetts companies and organizations such as MassMEP. All of these resources are available to companies and help keep manufacturing companies in Massachusetts.

Careers in manufacturing are viable careers and provide a living wage. According to a 2015 study, the U.S. manufacturing industry will add nearly 3.4 million jobs over the next decade to meet demand both here and abroad. It is anticipated that Massachusetts will have about 100,000 job openings in manufacturing over the next five years. If manufacturing brings an image to mind of dirty, old, broken-down machinery, think again. Today’s manufacturing puts modern technology like Internet of Things, virtual reality, and 3D printing into play to create more efficient and safer operations.

In this magazine, you will learn about the various career opportunities in manufacturing. MassMEP congratulates you on considering manufacturing as a career ~ Be the talent of tomorrow!

John Killam

Massachusetts Manufacturing
Extension Partnership (MassMEP)