Westborough-based Kopin, which manufactures wearable technology, is teaming up with Canadian underwater diving equipment company Shearwater Research to incorporate Kopin’s display technology into the Shearwater’s NERD 2 diving computer, according to a Wednesday press release.

“Our WQVGA microdisplay, which is used in the Shearwater NERD 2, is a popular display in this market because it offers users a bright, clean, easily readable image in a small form factor,” said Greg Truman, head of Kopin’s industrial and enterprise display business, in a statement.

The NERD 2 is designed to provide divers with important safety data without requiring them to check gauges, according to the press release. This, in particular, is helpful for emergency divers working on rescue missions.

“We have seen considerable expansion of the market for public safety wearables products over the past several years,” Truman said. “Heads-up thermal imaging displays for firefighters, monocular optical modules for police officers, and now head mounted second screens for public safety divers are just a few of the vertical markets that fall under the larger umbrella category of public safety wearables.”