What do your car and the streetlights that light your way home have in common? The metal for both was likely cut with a high-tech product made right here in the Granite State.

That product is a plasma arc cutting system produced by Hypertherm, a global company in business for more than 50 years, based in Hanover, New Hampshire. Hypertherm works to give shape to our customers’ visions every day by engineering and manufacturing advanced plasma cutting systems and the software needed to automate the entire cutting process. In addition, we produce waterjet cutting systems used to cut everything from stone countertops to food!

We are excited to introduce a new generation of Granite State residents to the work we are doing here and to show you what manufacturing in the 21st century looks like. Beginning with design, engineering, testing, and software development and ending with marketing and sales, at Hypertherm you can discover what it takes to bring products to life.

You can also learn what it’s like to have a stake in the company, because at Hypertherm all our employees are owners. With more than 1,500 employee-owners here and at our offices around the world, we are one of the largest employee-owned companies in the state.

Hypertherm’s mission is to provide customers with the world’s leading industrial cutting solutions, to promote the well-being and development of our Associates (employees), and to enrich our communities and environment. Our mission reflects our belief that it is possible to align your personal values with a long, fulfilling career in any number of areas. Whatever your career ambitions are, chances are good you will find what you are looking for close to home. We can’t wait to show you how Hypertherm can shape your career and a better future for us all.

Jenny Levy serves as Vice President of People, Community, and Environment for Hypertherm

Hypertherm is a New Hampshire-based manufacturer of industrial cutting equipment and software.