The best jobs are ones that don’t even feel like work, where you get to spend your day with great people making fun and innovative products that improve the lives of people everywhere. Modern manufacturing is clean, computerized and sustainable.

New Hampshire has awesome, high-paying job opportunities for you in modern manufacturing and 10 percent of all jobs produce something. Businesses committed to recycling and green technology, like NCS Global, where they “meticulously dismantle unusable computer parts so as not to miss any possible recycling opportunity, and ultimately dispose of e-waste in an environmentally responsible way,” are here to ensure a beautiful environment!

Manufacturing support careers like management, accounting and engineering will let you work independently and as part of a team. Working in Research & Development you can invent some of these cool products.

Rochester is New Hampshire’s leading location for making aircraft components, like fan blades and landing gear (Albany Intl. and Safran Aerospace). Rochester is literally home to the building materials that go into outer space! We make all kinds of other products too, like chocolates (Fiesta Candy), home boilers (Laars Heating Systems) and cryogenic tubes (Spaulding Composites).

Get a tour, become an intern and discover a new career right here in the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Good-paying jobs with real impact in design, production, engineering and management can be yours!

Michael Scala

Director of Economic Development
City of Rochester, NH

Michael Scala, Director of Economic Development for the City of Rochester, NH

Next Phase Medical Devices, LLC

NCS Global