Made in New Hampshire and loved around the world, VELCRO® Brand products are used billions of times every single day. In fact, VELCRO® Brand products, made by men and women living in New Hampshire, were integral to the success of the 1969 mission to land on the moon for the very first time.

Recognized for strength, reliability, durability and versatility, our VELCRO® Brand fasteners have been made in New Hampshire, a community steeped in manufacturing, since the 1950s.

Featured in a wide variety of products worldwide, we are proud of our heritage of innovation and ability to satisfy our customers’ needs. We depend on a skilled manufacturing and professional workforce to deliver fasteners featured in products around the world, ranging from transportation to personal care, medical to apparel, and even construction.

Born out of the relentless curiosity of Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral, VELCRO® Brand hook and loop is one of the defining examples of biomimicry and can replace many mechanical and chemical fasteners.

More than 60 years after production started, Velcro Companies continues to make products in New Hampshire.

Today, Velcro Companies has a library of more than 450 patents worldwide, and our teams in New Hampshire and worldwide study, explore and research to develop our next innovation.

Inspired by relentless curiosity, our heritage of innovation continues. We seek dynamic people who challenge the status quo and will carry our tradition forward.

Dirk Foreman

Chief Commercial Officer & President – North America
Velcro Companies