Omayra Cordero, Bombardier

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It’s not unusual for internships well-spent to lead to full-time gigs. Cordero, a 26-year-old Guilford resident, connected with Bombardier while studying at CT Aero Tech school for aviation technicians at the age of 23. Her journey into manufacturing was one she did not initially expect.

“I was in the nursing program at a local community college and realized it wasn’t for me. While trying to decide on a major, I was working for a motorcycle company and a friend told me to check out CT Aero Tech,” said Cordero. “I’ve always liked working with my hands, and I very quickly fell in love with learning about airplanes.”

Omayra Cordero

Age: 26
Title: A&P (airframe and powerplant) mechanic
Company: Bombardier, Windsor Locks
Lives: Guilford
Makes: Maintenance and inspections on aircraft, specifically Bombardier’s full fleet of business jets
Salary: $16 per hour

As luck would have it, a few month’s into Cordero’s studies at CT Aero Tech, a teacher told her and her fellow peers that Bombardier was seeking interns.

“It came down to Bombardier and Pratt & Whitney,” said Cordero. “But because I was fascinated with jets, I chose to intern with Bombardier.”

Bombardier performs aircraft maintenance and inspections, specifically on its own Bombardier fleet of business jets. During Cordero’s internship, she was matched with an A&P technician and learned on-the-job skills including running engine tests and pulling apart bugged systems.

“It was very much learn as you go,” said Cordero. “The longer I was there, the more hands-on I became, and the more responsibility I was given.”

Cordero started her internships in July of 2017 and stayed on through the following school year, putting in 40-hour work weeks during the summer and working second shift while going to school. She said Bombardier was always great about scheduling, giving students time off to study and take exams.

“They even gave me time to study for my airframe and power plant certificate, something that you have to do outside of school,” said Cordero.

Cordero has since transitioned from intern to full-time employee, something she says she is incredibly pleased about.

“I love being part of the Bombardier family. Regardless of what shift you’re on, we work together towards a common goal and when we accomplish something, we accomplish it together,” said Cordero. “In this type of work, we can’t make mistakes, and that makes each accomplishment that much more rewarding.”

The company’s internship program is its way of fostering the talent pipeline. By actively hiring and engaging young talent, it can effectively train and expand its workforce. You can explore Bombardier’s available internship opportunities by going to