Nicholas Gulley improves skills at AccuRounds through apprenticeship program

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Products & People

Photo/Michael Papetti

Nicholas Gulley, 24

CNC machinist at AccuRounds, Avon

Lives: East Bridgewater
Computer-minded: Builds PCs in his spare time

Photo/Michael Papetti

Safe from offshoring

Diane Ferrera, director of human resources at AccuRounds, said the apprenticeship program is part of the company’s strategy to recruit and retain talented employees. She said some students and parents are wary of manufacturing careers because they get a bad rap as being dirty, or because U.S. manufacturing is seen as declining. AccuRounds specializes in precision work, often for the defense and aerospace industries, which means its jobs are largely safe from offshoring. It also means that workers there contribute to cutting-edge technology.

“Airplanes have about 2 million parts, and we make about 850 of them,” Ferrera said.

Nicholas Gulley, a CNC machinist who’s been working full-time at AccuRounds since 2013 and is about to start the apprenticeship program to improve his skills, said one of his favorite things about the company is the projects he participates in. He’s helped make parts for the Mars rover, and for Disney’s theme parks.

“It’s kind of interesting to know just where it comes from,” Gulley said. 

Gulley said he already does a variety of jobs at the company, but he wants to expand his abilities.

Another AccuRounds apprentice, Helder “Larry” Canuto, is using the program to advance in his career. He’s been with the company since 2015 and currently uses hand tools to finish, polish and deburr parts. He’s now learning to run the machines as well.

“I always like to learn more stuff and move up,” he said. “It was perfect for me at this point.” ◾