Worthington Assembly Inc.

Worthington Assembly is a high-tech circuit board contract manufacturer. We assemble circuit boards, but also anything else that goes with that circuit board.

Company Profile

Website: http://www.worthingtonassembly.com/

Address: 14 Industrial Drive East
South Deerfield, Massachusetts 01373

Full Time Employees: 24

Year Founded: 1974

President: Neil Scanlon


As a contract manufacturer, we manufacture to print; the circuit boards we assemble are used in many different products including medical devices, robots, boutique keyboards, 3D printers, and cars.


Our customer base is global and ranges from an engineer in a garage to a multi-million dollar global company.

Careers/Job Opportunities

We are looking for individuals interested in learning, working really (really) hard, problem-solving, and helping us grow our high-tech precision manufacturing business. Some of the required skill sets: Being flexible, energetic, positive, organized, focused and detailed. We are not conventional by any means as we are a flat, decentralized organization. We do not have formal job descriptions (everyone does stuff customers need/pay us to do, which is mostly making good solder connections). In a given day, team members may be involved with assembling, soldering, inspecting, customer service, organizing, operating machines and problem-solving. Our core values are: Humility, Honesty, Common Sense, Grit and Fun. Interested in learning more? Check out our video at: www.worthingtonassembly.com/joinus/

Internship/Apprenticeship Program

Call us if you are interested; Call (413) 397-8260, or e-mail to info@worthingtonassembly.com


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