UMass Advanced Digital Design & Fabrication Lab (ADDFab)

We specialize in production-grade 3D printing in metal and plastic, with engineering expertise to help you design your parts for additive manufacturing. We are also a hands-on teaching facility with workshops for industry, UMass, and local schools.

Company Profile


Address: 240 Thatcher Road
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003

Full Time Employees: 1

Year Founded: 2016

Director of ADDFab: David Follette


We print every kind of part you can imagine in stainless steel, nylon, flexible polymers, and plastic reinforced with carbon fiber. Enclosures, fixtures, brackets, tooling, end-use parts, prototypes, small-run production (


Many of our customers are small businesses in Western Massachusetts. Some are 3D printing for the first time and others are building their business around this technology. Prototyping continues to be the largest market, but we see more production opportunities every day. Of course, we also support all kinds of research projects at UMass Amherst.

Careers/Job Opportunities

We currently offer part-time positions during the school year and summer internships. As we grow, we hope to add at least one technician position and increase with as many as we need to meet demand. The best applicants have experience “building stuff,” whether that’s fixing your bike, taking apart your car, or competing in battle bots. They also have experience using a 3D printer (of any kind) and some kind of 3D-CAD software. Above all, excitement about 3D printing and enthusiasm for the job is really what we value most.

Internship/Apprenticeship Program

Yes. Call (413) 577-4540

Company Benefits

ADDFab is more than just a place to print great parts. We’re here to help you on your “additive journey” to learn about how the different manufacturing processes work, see the machines in action, and help you make the most of this new technology in manufacturing.


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