Table Talk Pies

Table Talk Pies, Inc. is a growing, family-owned business that has been making fresh baked pies in Worcester since 1924. Our mission has always been the same—to manufacture the highest quality baked pie in the United States. From our humble beginnings with two men hand-making pies to having three automated bakeries, quality was and continues to be our most important product.

Company Profile


Address: 120 Washington St
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

Full Time Employees: 329

President: Harry Kokkinis


Using the finest wholesome ingredients, our skilled team follows in the footsteps of the traditional pie craftsmen that founded our company almost 100 years ago. We specialize in making 4-inch snack pies—selling over 4 million a week—in a variety of flavors. We also make larger—6, 8, 9, and 10-inch—dessert pies. These are sold in the Table Talk, Old Fashioned, and private label packaging.


We sell directly to major retail companies as well as to distributors across North America. Thanks to our retail and distribution partners, our customers can get a great quality pie in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico, Canada and beyond.

Careers/Job Opportunities

As a growing company, we are consistently seeking those with a background in manufacturing, supervision, engineering, chemistry, mechanics, food safety, and much more. In addition to skills and experience, we value and reward hard work, dedication, and willingness to learn.

Community Engagement

As a family owned business, Worcester is our community and its residents, our neighbors. Supporting educational programs—including Pi Day—providing support to food pantries and shelters, and providing opportunity for those in need are our key focuses.

Environmental Awareness

We lower our carbon footprint by procuring our ingredients—from local farmers when possible—and delivering our pies in as few freight miles as possible. We use recyclable materials in our packaging and streamline production to ensure the least amount of waste possible.

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