New Haven Manufacturers Association

The New Haven Manufacturers Association (NHMA) believes that manufacturing makes the future. The organization is a gateway for its members and the manufacturing community at large for success and fulfillment in the industry. NHMA all-volunteer committees and officers focus on: generating action on legislative issues; collaborating with the educational community to advise and deliver workforce training and education; and hosting manufacturing-related programming to share best practices among the thousands of Connecticut manufacturers and those that support manufacturing.

Company Profile


Address: 701 Hebron Ave., 3rd Fl.
Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033

Full Time Employees: 200

Year Founded: 1913

Executive Director: Jamison Scott


NHMA members consist of both manufacturing and non-manufacturing professionals. Non-manufacturing members function as advisors to the manufacturing members, where a “non-selling” approach is encouraged. The diverse membership includes firms in electronics, pharmaceuticals, instrumentation, information systems, consulting, metalworking, gas and electric utilities, banking, insurance, education and more.

Careers/Job Opportunities

Member companies employ approximately 12,000 people in Connecticut and are a vital part of the manufacturing community across the state — not just New Haven County. NHMA continues to build a strong identity and reputation by attracting more manufacturers to join the association and by actively advocating for issues important to manufacturers — especially its workforce of tomorrow.

Internship/Apprenticeship Program

NHMA manufacturing members understand the value of training and cultivating manufacturing talent and actively hire people from technical high schools, colleges and universities, and manufacturing-certificate programs alike.

Company Benefits

NHMA programming offers the opportunity to exchange ideas in a variety of formats, including networking meetings, company tours and roundtable discussions. Additionally, member participation in technical advisory councils at educational institutions ensures that the skills learned are the skills needed in Connecticut’s manufacturing marketplace.

Community Engagement

Many of our member companies are active in their communities. From support of a local nonprofit of choice, to being active in community government, to donating funds to purchase manufacturing equipment at schools, NHMA members share their time, treasures and expertise.

School partnerships:
NHMA works with K-Career schools throughout the state, advising on manufacturing skills programming, best practices for manufacturing and the needs of the manufacturing community. Development of programs to support internship opportunities and certifying schools for pre-apprentice hours is also a focus.


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