Incom, Inc.

Founded in 1971, Incom is known as the world’s largest supplier of fused fiber optics solutions. We enable innovation in the medical, scientific, display and defense industries. Combining the most progressive glass and polymer microstructure components with unparalleled technology expertise, Incom empowers customers, researchers and instrument makers with fiber optic solutions that advance product development, engineering and end-user experience.

Company Profile


Address: 294 Southbridge Road
Charlton, Massachusetts 01507

Full Time Employees: 150

Year Founded: 1971

President and CEO: Michael A. Detarando


Incom manufactures glass and polymer fused fiber optic components (tapers, inverters, arrays, faceplates, light guides, etc.). We have recently developed two new technologies. DARC Glass allows developers to control visibility, privacy, and reflections of LCD displays in automobiles, cockpits and information kiosks. Nanoguide is the highest resolution image-transfer device ever created.


Incom empowers global manufacturing companies, researchers and inventors across a wide range of industries. Incom has recently entered the virtual reality, augmented reality, holographic imaging, light-field technology and customer-based display markets with newly developed technologies that are advancing new product designs and capabilities.

Careers/Job Opportunities

At Incom, employees are excited about the work they’re doing and the people they work with. Their work has a significant impact on the world and comes with great personal and professional growth opportunities. Incom values and rewards for effort, enthusiasm and loyalty.
Incom is filling career opportunities in manufacturing, managerial and technical positions to support production, provide customers with quality products and assist in technology advancement. Incom invests in those with talent, a positive attitude and a desire to progress.
Incom is expanding; we are now recruiting for positions in manufacturing engineering, product development, assembly and quality control. Visit Incom’s Career Page at for information.

Internship/Apprenticeship Program

Incom sponsors internships from area high schools and colleges.

Company Benefits

Incom encourages employees to feel empowered and included. The company offers competitive salaries, a bonus program, rich benefits, tuition reimbursement, classes for technical skills training and a terrific growth opportunity.

Community Engagement

Incom employees are proud volunteers and supporters of many corporate, industry, educational and community organizations including our local United Way and local youth teams.

Environmental Awareness

Incom is committed to employee safety and health, preserving the environment and reducing waste.

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