Dynavac designs and manufactures high-vacuum systems for space simulation, thin film deposition and specialty applications. Systems are produced from concept to commissioning in our single-source manufacturing facility located in Hingham, MA. The company is globally recognized for its ability to engineer solutions for many types of complex manufacturing processes and mission-critical aerospace testing programs.

Company Profile

Website: http://www.dynavac.com/

Address: 110 Industrial Park Road
Hingham, Massachusetts 02043

Full Time Employees: 96

President & CEO: Thomas Foley


Dynavac produces engineered products that incorporate high-vacuum technology.

• Thermal Vacuum Systems – Simulates the temperature and pressure of space for environmental testing of space flight hardware;

• Thin Film Deposition Systems – Deposits coatings onto a multitude of products, including optical components (such as lenses and mirrors), automotive and electronic parts and large, ground-based telescope mirrors;

• Specialty Products – Supports the scientific community with custom-engineered systems for research and development.


Dynavac sells its products to aerospace and defense organizations, an expansive list of manufacturing industries, and scientific institutions. Systems are built to order and generally are designed to meet specific customer applications. During a typical factory tour, you may see a variety of systems in various stages of production, i.e., a thermal vacuum system for a NASA Mars exploration program, a thin film deposition system to produce an emerging medical x-ray product, or a custom-engineered cryogenic aperture to support research of the Cosmic Microwave Background.

Careers/Job Opportunities

Dynavac has a diversified team of administrators, engineers, craftsmen and technicians, all backed by a hands-on executive management team. We continually seek out talented, highly motivated individuals to strengthen our workforce capabilities. Graduates with engineering background (Electrical, Mechanical and Manufacturing) and Vo-Tech diplomas (electricians, fabricators, welders, machinists, assemblers) are encouraged to apply. Our employees enjoy a fast-paced, collaborative working environment filled with challenge and reward.

Internship/Apprenticeship Program

Dynavac has an internship program for engineering degree candidates from local colleges and universities. Interns are mentored by our long-standing engineers, many of whom started their careers at Dynavac as interns themselves. We also accept candidates from trade schools and vocational high schools to work in various levels of fabrication and assembly.

Company Benefits

Dynavac offers an in-depth and comprehensive compensation and benefit package. In addition, Dynavac encourages employee development by supporting trade certifications, license renewals and tuition reimbursement. Employees are encouraged to attend various training programs conducted by experts at technical conferences and trade shows across the country to stay connected with the latest technology and growing markets.


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