Hollie Lehouillier ensures Phoenix Manufacturing maintains its high quality

by | Nov 24, 2019 | Products & People

Hollie Lehouillier

Position: Quality inspector
Company: Phoenix Manufacturing, Enfield
Age: 26
Residence: Chicopee, Mass.
Salary for entry level in the position: $15-18 per hour
What’s the WOD? “I’m a coach for CrossFit.”

The significance of working in the aerospace industry is uppermost in Hollie Lehouillier’s mind. Lehouillier is a quality inspector at Phoenix Manufacturing in Enfield. She attended vocational school to be a machinist, but after working in that capacity for several years, she sought out a change.

“I realized that I wanted to know more about parts – what they do, and why,” Lehouillier said.

Her curiosity and eagerness to learn eventually led her to the quality side of manufacturing. 

Phoenix is one of the cleanest shops she’s ever worked for, she said, and the technology is advanced. She enjoys knowing she is making a real contribution to the end product and beyond.

“I like to make sure that the products that are leaving the company are good,” Lehouillier said “I like to know about the part. I like to know everything about them. I like to know where they’re going, what they’re used for.” 

And because “everything’s always improving and the technology’s always becoming much more advanced,” she said, “I always get to learn more about how something gets inspected and why.”

Lehouillier thinks about what her work contributes to – the safety and security of the country – with every part she inspects.

“I’m very critical when it comes to my inspections. I’m always making sure that everything is perfect,” Lehouillier said. “Everything that we inspect is a matter of life safety.”