Discover Your Purpose: Will the “Next Great Idea” Be Yours?

Nationwide, thousands of rewarding manufacturing positions are waiting for visionaries who will shape the world we live in. Are you one of them?

Today, most people understand that modern manufacturing bears no resemblance to what their parents or grandparents might remember. Work environments are clean, organized and focused on rapidly developing technology.

“The manufacturing professors were very accommodating and understanding. Goodwin helped me balance my studies and life obligations.”

— Joshua Lorette, CNC Graduate

But despite these advancements, manufacturing is facing a serious lack of well-trained employees. As existing workers age out of the workforce, there are not enough candidates to take their places, leaving a shortage that jeopardizes businesses.

To fill this gap, the skills most in demand are critical thinking, creative problem solving and technical expertise. Thankfully, employers, government officials and educators are working to create partnerships that identify talent and provide pathways to employment. At Goodwin College, we’re leading the way, designing programs that teach students the exact skills they need to be successful … and making them available in ways that make sense for busy lives!

Students: Discover Your Potential

Connecticut has long been known for innovation, from aircraft engines and submarines to buttons and baked goods. Are you ready to come up with the “next great idea?” Whether you focus on CNC machining, quality, supply chain, logistics, welding or management, this is a perfect time to put your creativity to work — and to establish a career with unlimited possibilities. Goodwin’s Business and Manufacturing Center houses cutting-edge machinery that gives you the most immersive educational experience possible so you can master your craft before entering the field. With six class starts a year and program scholarship opportunities for manufacturing students, it’s time to discover your potential as one of Connecticut’s makers. Visit to learn more.

Employers: Celebrate Your Innovation

Manufacturers around the state are also invested in training for their current workers to gain the skills they need to keep up with industry changes. Our manufacturing training programs help state manufacturers strengthen their competitive edge and increase their companies’ productivity and quality of work. Goodwin can train incumbent workers in a variety of disciplines including quality control, technical skills, business management and lean manufacturing. Sessions are delivered in short durations, reducing the time employees are away from their positions. We offer training in our East Hartford facility or, if you prefer, we can come to your facility with our Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Training Lab. Our self-powered, climate-controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled lab offers educational programs from Goodwin College at manufacturing facilities throughout the state in the convenience of a mobile classroom. Visit to learn more.

New programs at Goodwin

Early College Advanced Manufacturing Pathway (ECAMP™)

As part of our dedication to strengthen Connecticut’s economic future, Goodwin is expanding our manufacturing education efforts through the new ECAMP™ program, which enables high schools and middle schools to access equipment and educational opportunities that would not otherwise be available to interested students. ECAMP™ will be based in a new, 15,000-square-foot high school annex to our existing Business and Advanced Manufacturing Center in East Hartford. Our manufacturing programs and equipment are also portable throughout the state, thanks to our Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Training Lab.


Goodwin College’s new certificate in Welding Technology provides the training and experience that today’s employers want. Take classes full- or part-time and complete your certificate in as few as eight months! Our 24-credit program covers everything from welding safety and fabrication to common welding methods including shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, flux core arc welding and thermal cutting. Your welding school coursework will teach you how to navigate a welding worksite safely and includes projects that mirror work in the field.

“Introducing manufacturing to high school students through nationally recognized training programs, while taking college courses for credit, will be an exciting opportunity for school districts and industry partners looking for skilled employees.”

— Craig Drezek, Assistant Superintendent of Magnet Schools and Educational Partnerships