Celebrate Potential. Celebrate Innovation. Celebrate You.

At Goodwin College, Connecticut manufacturers are meeting the next great generation of makers. You can be one of them.

There was a time when parents desperately steered their children away from careers in manufacturing by bringing up the “three Ds” — the dirty, dark, and dangerous conditions commonly found in workplaces back then.

“Having Goodwin teach the basics of lean manufacturing helped reinforce the concepts we’ve been trying to introduce. Our team has been raving about the experience.”

— Zac Shannon, Director of Hardware Operations, Datto, Inc.

Many young people listened to their families’ advice. As a result, as workers gradually aged out of the workforce, there were not enough well-trained candidates to take their place, leaving manufacturers across the country — and Connecticut in particular — with an employee shortage that jeopardized individual businesses and the general economy.

Thankfully, manufacturing today looks nothing like it did even a generation ago! Technical skills, critical thinking and the ability to work collaboratively are topmost in employers’ minds when they consider potential candidates. Workplaces are clean and efficient, and great salaries can be found throughout the industry!

Manufacturing and education are working together to create partnerships that identify talent, nurture ambition and provide financial pathways to employment. At Goodwin College, we’re leading the way, designing programs that teach students the exact skills they need to be successful.

Students: Celebrate Your Potential

From aircraft engines and submarines to buttons and baked goods, manufacturing in Connecticut is booming and, if you truly believe in your potential to succeed, you can be a part of it! The industry is full of steady, well-paying jobs in CNC machining, quality, supply chain, logistics, welding, management and more — all requiring skills that Connecticut employers have asked Goodwin to teach! We need individuals with the drive to imagine a better world and the knowledge to make their career-focused vision a reality.

With modern manufacturing, advanced training is more important than ever. Industry technology is leaner and greener, with production techniques that produce significantly less waste. Goodwin’s manufacturing programs reflect these industry changes and prepare students for today’s — and tomorrow’s — workforce. 

“I’ve grown as a person here. Goodwin truly is the best college to attend for CNC classes.”

— Paul Vella, CNC graduate

Goodwin’s state-of-the-art Business and Manufacturing Center houses cutting-edge machinery that gives you the most immersive educational experience possible so you can master your craft before entering the field. With six class starts a year and program scholarship opportunities for manufacturing students, it’s time to celebrate your future as one of Connecticut’s makers.

Employers: Celebrate Your Innovation

Manufacturers around the state are also invested in training for their current workers to gain the skills they need to keep up with industry changes. In a competitive and ever-evolving industry, no manufacturer can afford to become complacent.

At Goodwin College, our manufacturing training programs help state manufacturers strengthen their competitive edge and increase their company’s productivity and quality of work. We can train your incumbent workers in a variety of disciplines including quality control, technical skills, business management and lean manufacturing. Sessions are delivered in short durations, reducing the time employees are away from their positions. 

“Goodwin was the only program that provided such an unbelievable timeline. Nowhere else could I earn a certificate in only six months and come out with a career.”

— Kiley Russell, CNC graduate

We offer training in our Manufacturing Center in East Hartford or, if you prefer, we can come to your facility with our Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Training Lab. Our self-powered, climate-controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled Lab offers educational programs from Goodwin College at manufacturing facilities throughout the state, in the convenience of a mobile classroom.

Celebrate You…

Let’s Do This!

Celebrate Your Future

Start on the path to a better future. Get the education and skills you need to be successful in the industry so that you can take advantage of today’s in-demand manufacturing careers.
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Celebrate your Experience

Already in the industry? It’s never too late to perfect your skills or learn something new. Whether you’re a business owner or incumbent worker searching for professional development for your employees or yourself, we can bring the training you need right to your doorstep.
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