Tree House Brewing Co. in Charlton produced more barrels of beer in 2020 than any other brewer in Central Massachusetts, according to new data from the WBJ Research Department.

In doing so, Tree House pushed Wachusett Brewing Co. of Westminster out of its typical No. 1 spot, with Wachusett dropping to No. 3, after Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers of Framingham held steady at its typical No. 2 ranking, by barrels of beer produced in the last calendar year.

In 2020, Tree House brewed 41,500 barrels of beer, according to data the company submitted to the national trade group Brewers Association. After Tree House, Jack’s Abby brewed 40,800 and Wachusett brewed 31,321, according to a survey both those breweries filled out for the WBJ Research Department.

All three of Tree House, Jack’s Abby, and Wachusett brewed fewer barrels in 2020, when production was hampered by the coronavirus pandemic, than they reported in 2019. Tree House just had less of a dropoff, from 43,000 barrels two years ago to 41,500 last year, according to the Brewers Association data.